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Developed for cyclists by cyclists

What size in mi Pouch?

Standard size of MiPouch is 118 mm by 177mm (4.65″ by 6.96″) with an internal size of 97mm by 177mm (3.82″ by 6.96″).

What is MiPouch made from?

MiPouch is made in the UK from PVC with a soft finish and a waterproof seal.

How much will a MiPouch store?

The MiPouch is designe to hold the essantials for any clylist including a phone, cash, credit cards.

The standard size fits Apple iPhone X and similar sized smart phones.

Can I use my iPhone what it is in a MiPouch.

Yes you can use your phone in the MiPouch case. The Apple screen sensors work just fine in the case. – Apart from the finger print reader on the 6 and 7. You can of course use the number unlock instead.

Is MiPouch waterproof?

With the seal closed the case is waterproof.

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